Study shows brain networks play a key role in cognitive thinking ability

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To most, maths might be one of the hardest subject to master. How do some people finds it rather easy when it comes to solving challenging maths problem? The neuroscience research group from Stanford University have followed 43 kids from

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After a long holiday, it is almost time to go back to school. Every parent knows the struggles of their kids starting a new year of school and adjusting to new teachers, new classmates, and maybe, a new school. Regardless of

What is the IGCSE program in Malaysia

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IGCSE provides students with international recognition; it allows admission to the UK, US and Canadian universities, and it is accepted and recognized by many of the leading companies worldwide. This program develops competitive students, providing a solid foundation to prepare

Only 1.11% of Malaysian Pupils scored straight A’s at UPSR test in 2016

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Year 5 students at Strathfield South Public School who sat the NAPLAN test today. From left is Michelle Chen, Yiru Jang and Yehna Jeong. 12th May 2015
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UPSR results in 2016 were significantly low compared to those in 2015; with only 4, 896 pupils that represented 1.11% scoring straight A’s in 2016 out of a total of 452, 721 candidates; contrary to 2015 with 38, 344 students

Malaysia ranks 18th place in Maths at global achievements test (TIMSS) while Singapore ranks number 1 among 39 countries.

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Malaysian students’ performance in Mathematics has significantly improved since Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) test in 2011, scoring 25 points higher from 440 to 465 in 2015. The TIMSS is a large-scale international test that evaluates students’

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Dr Fong designs SMAT to benchmark students’ performances against highest Maths education standards

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Singapore Maths Achievement Test (SMAT) was designed and introduced by Dr Fong in 2016 as a way to benchmark students’ performances against Singapore Maths standards that ranked top in global achievements test TIMSS 2016. See full article here For the first time,

Second Annual Awards Ceremony 2016

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On Sunday 4th December, we had our Second Annual Awards Ceremony that had place at Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club. This is an important event where we acknowledge the effort that all of our students at our Eastwood centre put throughout the

Australia’s global mathematics ranking plummets since 2011

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The Australian students’ rankings in Year 4 Mathematics dropped from 18th to 28th and from 12th to 17th   in Year 8 Mathematics at global achievement test (TIMSS). The Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) is a test recognised

Sri Petaling centre in Kuala Lumpur opening soon!

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Visit Sri Petaling centre on Sunday 13th November and Saturday 19th November for OPEN DAYS SPECIALS! We will have Dr Fong, world renowned Singapore Maths specialist, founder of BrainBuilder & author of the most popular school textbook in Singapore, My Pals Are

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