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Online Class Testimonials from Parents and Students

2017 was the year BrainBuilder started our online classes to provide classes to be accessed by students living remotely in New South Wales and also to suit the flexibility of busy parents who cannot do drop-offs at our centre.
With our experience in teaching online, 2020’s transition to remote learning has benefitted many parents all over the world. Our students now span across Australia, mainly in Sydney, we also have had students in Perth, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Hobart, and Country NSW (Central West NSW, Illawarra).

Our students enjoy being in an international classroom with students also from JAPAN: Tokyo, CHINA: Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong, SINGAPORE, USA: California, New York, Delaware, CANADA: Vancouver.
Here are some testimonies shared by our parents, to help other parents who are considering to enrol into our classes.

Our students gain knowledge and confidence, improve their math work, awarded the top Math awards in their Grade, achieve high distinctions in Math Competitions (ICAS, AMC).

All this is achievable in our online classes with our experienced teachers, a set curriculum with continuous homework and feedback process involving parents, teachers and students.

Online Classes Offered for students from Kindergarten to Year 8 (Elementary to Middle School):

  • Power Maths – Singapore Math Methods Maths Classes with in-depth Maths curriculum aligned to Singapore level (Singapore Primary 4 topics can be found in Australia’s Year 7 Math topics)
  • Model Drawing Maths Class – Using Bar Model Drawing to solve Maths Problems
  • Maths Enrichment Class – To challenge beyond curriculum, building skills to solve challenging problems found in Australian Maths Competition or ICAS or Maths Olympiad.
  • English Program – Local Australian curriculum English covering Comprehension, Creative Writing and Vocabulary.

Please contact us to know more or find out more on our web page.


Parent of Year 2 and Year 4 students:
“My kids have been attending BrainBuilder maths classes for the past 3 years when we were based in Sydney. We love how the classes are conducted in smaller groups and also carefully suiting the pace of the individual student although in a group concept. We also love the online practice tool that the kids will use to practice regularly outside of classes. We relocated to Singapore last year but I’ve continued to let my kids attend BrainBuilder via fully virtual zoom lessons as the virtual format is also beneficial and effective as it follows the Singapore syllabus. My favorite part of the program is how it instills discipline and allows the kids to be independent and accountable for their own journey through math. Also love that it is aligned to the Singaporean math syllabus. The model drawing classes have been especially helpful.”


Ren, Year 3 student, has been attending online classes twice a week since the start of 2021:
“I like enrichment class because it is challenging yet fun. Also, curriculum class helps me a lot with school work.”

Ren’s mother:
“It is hard to choose the right help for your child when there are so many options to choose from. I found BrainBuilder Singapore Math through a friend’s recommendation.
Ren tells me it’s fun and he loves the challenges. I was worried about enrolling in the online class in the beginning, but the teachers are engaging and Ren has lots of fun. I’m grateful that the program has given Ren love of learning math and appreciation of challenges.”


Year 4 student, was in-premise student since 2019, converted to online for Term 3 due to lockdown:

“BrainBuilder has helped me a lot on how to do my math and how to write better stories. When I do my math, it is easier to do since the teachers online have taught me multiple ways to do the equations faster. When I do my writing, I have improved a lot because my teachers have taught me ways to hook my audience. At online school even my teacher said I have improved a lot in writing. I think that the methods that BrainBuilder teaches are easy to follow and that if you enrol your child, you will see a big improvement in their work.

Thank you”


Abbie 9 years old, Year 4:

“BrainBuilder helps me to see maths differently, the weekly classes is like a work out for my brain. I love model drawing because it makes numbers talk, it is a unique way to turn complicated maths questions into a simplified picture form. I am more confident doing difficult multi step questions, because every week BB teachers provide a weekly tips to solve my maths easily. Instead doing boring exercise books that I have at school, I have more challenging questions that exercise my brain at Brain Builder. And if I need help with any question from school, I have an opportunity to ask during the lesson. BB teachers help me to step out of my comfort zone. My favourite teacher is Julia because she explains thing clearly and she acknowledges my potential and allows me to work beyond my level.”


Year 7 student , Sydney, Australia – online student since 2017:
“I enjoy the online learning program a lot. The online program is just as effective as the physical program. The online program suits me and my family because it saves us travelling time. It is convenient for my parents as they both work and can’t drive me to and from the centre. The AMC practice questions are at the right level for me, challenging but not too impossible that I’d give up. Julia explains the questions and smart strategies to solve these questions very well, and I’m getting quicker and more confident in solving this type of questions each week. Thank you!”


Parent of Year 1 student:

“BrainBuilder has allowed us to extend our daughter’s knowledge in maths, as she wasn’t receiving the challenge in maths from school. Since beginning BrainBuilder, she has learnt valuable maths strategies that have helped her tackle more complex maths questions beyond her year level. We have found the online classes very interactive and patient by Mr Lucky and Ms Shirlyn. The online classes were also preferred for us as we have a busy schedule and we’re unable to ferry her around to extracurricular activities after-school. BrainBuilder has been a very positive experience for our family. ”


Jacky, Parent of Year 6 student, having enrolled with us for two years:

“BrainBuilder is really fantastic and outstanding. My daughter has been attending their Maths and English classes for years since her Year 4. She loves learning in BrainBuilder not just because the teachers are very experienced and kind but also she has enjoyed learning the new stuff there that suits her pace and her confidence on Maths and English have been improved dramatically. She has done really well in her primary school with always outstanding grades for her English and Maths. Her teachers are quite impressed with her problem solving skills and her English writing is one of the best in her class. I think BrainBuilder has helped her academically really well and we are appreciated what BrainBuilder’s and their teachers have provided her with the skills and experience that she couldn’t gain from the other places. I highly recommend BrainBuilder to whom really want their kids to be keep up and beyond for their academic study.”


Elisabeth, online student since Mar 2020, Year 4, previously in-centre student:
“I enjoy attending BrainBuilder classes because I learn many tips on how to solve questions for test and competitions such as AMC. I also like how I am learning to use different strategies to solve a mathematical problem. BrainBuilder classes have helped me learn how to solve complex word problems by breaking them down into simple step by step method.”

Estee (Elisabeth’s mom)’s testimony :

“Attending BrainBuilder classes and consistently training on its online exercises has equipped my daughter Elisabeth with strong fundamental math skills. The BrainBuilder tutors present mathematical concepts well and the quizzes conducted during class or for homework is fun and interesting yet challenging. Elisabeth not only enjoy doing maths, she looks forward to attending her class every time. And because BrainBuilder classes have been covering mathematical topics aligned to the school syllabus, Elisabeth has developed the necessary skill and techniques to ease through and ace her math subject in school”


A Year 6 student having attended Holiday Program and Weekly Term Class:

“BrainBuilder virtual classroom is very useful. My son is enjoying the virtual classroom learning. Teachers are fantastic and very knowledgeable. Our maths teacher explains the complex problems very well. We were so pleasantly surprised that the way BrainBuilder ran the online classes – my son found it just as effective as attending in person class. The teacher is engaging and able to support my child’s learning like in a real classroom. Thanks to BrainBuilder, my son is no longer afraid of math. He understands what is told in his school more easily and even already knows it.”

“BrainBuilder sayesinde oğlum artık matematikten korkmuyor. Okulunda anlatılanları daha kolay anlıyor hatta zaten bilmiş oluyor”

SINGAPORE – March 2021

Parent of a Primary One Student, having attended for two terms:

“After Sze Jey joined the class for a few months, she is able to catch up the Math syllabus at school easily. Furthermore, she shows interest in numbers and has own initiative to find out the answer. Thank you very much to the teacher for the effort.”


From a Year 6 student that has been attending BrainBuilder for 2 years ( initially in centre and converted to online class):

“Before I attended BrainBuilder Maths, math wasn’t one of my strongest subjects. Now though, BrainBuilder has helped me improve on this subject and has helped me use more and more efficient strategies. The teachers are exceptionally good at teaching the class, even if it’s not face to face! BrainBuilder is also very flexible with classes, so that the classes fit your timetable. I personally have enjoyed being a proud student, online or not!”


Kieran, online student since Mar 2020, Year 4, previously in-centre student:

“Do you know why BrainBuilder is called BrainBuilder? It’s because the company’s name doesn’t lie it really does build your brain. I’ve used BrainBuilder since early 2020 and it has improved my academic understanding to a whole new level. Don’t believe me? Well let me tell you a story. In year two I wasn’t very smart. The next year 2020 Brain Builder helped me the whole year and by the end of 2020 I was awarded with an: OUTSTANDING ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT award. I highly recommend this tuition to young children who want to achieve great knowledge throughout Math and English. “


Year 5 student for two years with BrainBuilder at our holiday programs and regular online Math classes:

“I have really enjoyed our lessons. I love how we each get to take part in answering the questions, and I also love the learning methods. I found them extremely engaging and I feel that I have learnt a lot from them. Thank you for teaching me!”

Year 6 student for two years with BrainBuilder at our holiday programs and regular online Math classes:

“As the lessons progress, I feel like I have learnt so much! For me, Maths is always intriguing and I love to take part in learning. I know the skills I have learnt over the week will help me over the course of my life, so thank you for teaching Maths to enthusiastic kids like me!”

Parent of Year 5 & Year 6 students, having attended in-class holiday programs, and now regular online classes:

“The programs are always well structured and the teachers are skilled and engaging. Over the years, my children have tried various programs through BrainBuilder. The science program is captivating, current and well balanced. Children did wonderful art projects to solidify their understanding of the topic and have been referencing the facts about the Great Barrier Reef years after they did the course! The English program was also a huge hit as they were exposed to some new websites to create comics and express their creativity.

However, it is the maths that truly won us over and we have since never been interested in looking at the other coaching school. What makes BrainBuilder unique is their small classes, where everyone has to participate. Teachers get to know the kids pretty well and guide them through their learning, regardless of their ability. It is certainly not mindless nor repetitive, but deeply captivating. Classes are only 50min, so it is easy to fit them into their weekly schedule as well.”


Parent of Year 2 student who found us on Google Search and enrolled in our January holiday program, and to continue with term classes:

“My daughter took the School Holiday Online Program (Enriched Math, Vocabulary, Conquer Comprehension and Creative Writing) for this year.

We are very happy with the classes and the topics conducted during this program. Teachers are excellent with their teaching techniques. They connect with the kids. Experience of receiving feedback from teachers on the child’s progress has been overwhelmingly positive. My daughter had difficulty in lengthy writing which she has overcome in just 5 classes. I could work closely with the teachers to get my daughter progressing in her writing skills. Everyday she improved exponentially.

I am very satisfied with BrainBuilder’s Online programs.”


Parent of Grade 4 student:

I have one daughter who started BrainBuilder under pandemic lockdown. Before that, math was not her favorite subject, and she did not show much interest. However she soon started showing deep engagement in the class, and actively and energetically participated. She then started saying “I like math. When is next BrainBuilder lesson?”. Obviously her math skills have improved, and she was then selected as a math genius member at her school. Although we live in Japan, time difference has not been a problem. Even more, this is an interesting opportunity for her to learn together with and make friends with the students living in overseas countries. Teachers of BrainBuilder are truly phenomenal, as they are kind, cooperative, and professional in providing a class. We now can not imagine her life without BrainBuilder. This is highly recommended for everybody.


Student of Math and English with BrainBuilder for 10 months, taking regular term and holiday classes:

My father forced me to join BrainBuilder but when I continued to do the classes I began to like it and now I don’t like it I LOVE IT!! I really recommend BrainBuilder for those who don’t like math and feel like they are not good at it. I continued BrainBuilder’s math lessons and at school I got in the genius math class! BrainBuilder even has English classes. For example in Vocabulary, it is very efficient because you figure out by yourself how the word is spelt and its meanings. Also, BrainBuilder has a lot of nice teachers that support your learning.



Linda, Parent of Grade 2 student, student having attended for four months:

“We enrolled my son in BrainBuilder Singapore Math to continue growing his number sense and mathematical reasoning. BrainBuilder Singapore Math has delivered! He has gained confidence and speed in his computational skills and problem solving strategies using the various models taught in class. I especially like the lesson progression. It gives my son the confidence to tackle the more challenging problems. His teachers are amazing! He has established a positive relationship with them. They consistently check-in for understanding and are always very positive and encouraging.  As my son likes to say, he’s a “math whiz”.  Thank you, BrainBuilder Singapore Math!”


Parent of a Year 2 student, previously in Doncaster East centre and now permanently go online class due to COVID 19:

“Aaron has been studying maths in BrainBuilder since year 1. BrainBuilder helps him to develop thinking skills especially by drawing models to solve the complicated maths problems. The maths enrichment class is very interesting and he learns more challenging maths questions. Thanks to BrainBuilder to make him enjoy maths and build up a solid maths knowledge.”


Cherry, Parent of Year 2 student, who was in the centre for half a year and now an online student since March 2020:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, BrainBuilder, for giving Joey the best gift possible. Since Joey joined BrainBuilder his interests in Maths grew tremendously. Not only this but his problem solving skills has improved a lot, from avoiding to do word problems to love taking on challenges, he’s more happy to take on challenging questions and happily finishing his homework independently. Thank you for making maths so interesting and at the same time improving his maths skills. ”


HF, Parent of 6 and 9 year olds

“I signed up Singapore math for both of my boys at the beginning of the school year start this Sep. The teacher is very professional and instruction very clear. The module drawing method isn’t taught in their own school here, my son find it very useful when working in complex word problems. They have definitely improved in math. The consultant is awesome. Her response is always prompt, and service is personal. I recommend!”


Parent of two children who had been attending classes for two years:
“我的两个孩子一直都在BrainBuilder 学习数学,中心老师每学期都会跟我反馈孩子的进步和不足,每次学校成绩单孩子们数学都能达到优异的成绩.”

“My two children have always studied mathematics at BrainBuilder. The teachers at the centre will give me feedback on the progress and areas to improve of the children every semester. My children’s school report card always show the children have Outstanding Achievement in maths.”


Kazuki Notsu, Toma Notsu (5th Grade), Haruka (3rd Grade):

Kazuki :
“It has been 5 months since I had my 5th and 3rd Grade children attend BrainBuilder. I honestly said to them it might be difficult at first. However, it became fun to interact with teachers and other students. Now my children ask proactively, “When is the next BrainBuilder Singapore Maths Class?””

Haruka :
“I didn’t like math a lot, but now math is so exciting and enjoyable now.
BrainBuilder Singapore math makes me understand more essentially as I can interact with teacher and can see what other students answer (if normal class, I don’t ask a lot and just memorize).
The way BrainBuilder Singapore math teach is intuitive by using graphics, which helps better understanding.”

Toma :
“To be honest, normal math at my grade is a bit boring, but it is great to learn more advanced one. I could be more persistent to difficult problems . Good to get used to interaction in English.”






Parent of Year 3 student, previously in centre, and now permanently attending online classes:
“My son has been attending Maths and English lessons with BrainBuilder for many years now. He was attending classes in person however moved to online lessons this year. He has enjoyed having all his lessons online and there have been great results. This year, he has achieved a Distinction in the Australian Maths Competition and received an end of year award for Academic Achievement at his school. He was also the only Year 3 student selected at his school to participate in the Australian Maths Games competition. BrainBuilder has also helped him to develop his problem solving and critical thinking skills and supports his learning in an engaging way that challenges him. He loves attending his classes and always makes sure that he completes his homework each week. Thank you BrainBuilder for being an invaluable partner in my son’s learning journey.”


Parent of 3 children at BrainBuilder:
“I have noticed the confidence grow in my children. The professional teachers are skilled in teaching mathematics with strategies that they will have long term.”


P.M., Parent of 6 and 8 year old in Grade 1 and Grade 3 – online class for 9 months:
“BrainBuilder’s Singapore math Class is what remote learning for math class should be. There is just no comparison between what they are getting from school provided remote learning versus from their BrainBuilder Singapore Math class, and their scores show it!”


N&M J, Parent of 9 year old:
“It has not been easy to engage Joshua in learning but with the help of BrainBuilder we could see improvement in his capabilities within a few months. The interesting part for us as parents is to see how the teachers guide the kids to think logically. The skillset learned to solve mathematical problems will help them to become a logical thinker. This skillset, no matter where they go, will allow them to tackle real life situations as well.
We are very grateful for the support the children have been receiving.”


Ivonne, Parent of 6 year old:
“We started math lessons with Brain Builder in person while in Sydney then switched to online when we were back in Shanghai because of the pandemic. Initially I was apprehensive about the effectiveness of the lessons online but have been pleasantly surprised. My daughter now has a deep understanding and grasp of the concepts. Thanks to lessons with Ms. Sherlyn my daughter is confident in her ability and is able to excel in math at school.”


C.L. Parent of 8 year old:
“Our daughter really enjoys the interactive lesson format. She has also developed confidence towards math and English, due no less to the excellent instructors.”


A mother for 8 and 10 years old students:
“My son enjoys learning Mathematic in BrainBuilder, the teachers are very aware of the kid’s strengths and weaknesses, our teacher advised me to enrol him in the Math enrichment classes, the teacher knows his strengths and this class gives him more strategies to solve challenging questions. He feels challenge and loves this class so much. I strongly recommended this class for those children who love challenges.”

“My daughter has been attending BrainBuilder for Mathematics for just 9 months. She starts with Face to face class and moves into online classes due to the current situation, she learnt the strategy and she applies complex problem solving easily. During these 9 months with BrainBuilder, we can see she has a big improvement on academics and confidences; I would say BrainBuilder is a good place to build a strong mathematical fundamental for my kids.”


Denis, parent of Year 3 student:
“The Math Enrichment program has helped improve my child’s problem solving and higher order mathematical thinking skills. The class is also a great challenge to his current school program and keeps him interested in math.
Overall, I encourage any kid that wants a challenge or improve their logic and reasoning skills to take the enrichment program.”


Parent of 11 year old, attending online enrichment classes targeting problem solving skills and Higher Order thinking skills:
“BrainBuilder’s Math classes are a great help to my son to follow a very logical path and make his mind to find the best tools for problem solving. I compared different classes and BrainBuilder became the winner regarding many aspects:
1- They keep the quality of education up-to date not following a template for every term.
2- Educators are friendly
3- They care about parents and students requests and consider it in their plan
We love you BrainBuilder Team!”


Parent of 8 and 10 year olds:
“My two boys have been doing BrainBuilder Maths classes for 3 terms and it has been a pleasant learning experience for them. We think what differentiates BrainBuilder is rooted to its teaching method and philosophy, and the high level of interactivity that the teachers maintain in the classes. Brain Builder teaches kids the strategy in problem solving rather than just doing repetitive questions. With the online learning model due to COVID, teachers have done a great job in keeping class interactive and engaging and challenging every kid, which we find is extremely critical for the kids learning behind the screen. The teachers are very patient and passionate about teaching. We really appreciate the teachers taking time in assessing students’ individual abilities and assigning appropriate classes according to their levels, and the transparent communication with the parents on the students’ progress.”


Parent of Year 6 student:
“本人是澳洲悉尼一Year 6 的家長。 小兒在Year 5 開始參加了BrainBuilder 的補習班,後來在疫情之下,改為網上上课。
BrainBuilder 可取之處是它针对個別学生的程度來補他之不足,不是整班劃一教授,况且是小班制,收费也非常合理,時間也頗有弹性。
小兒学校也贊成他继續在BrainBuilder 進修。
本人试过多間補習社,很感恩找到了BrainBuilder !..🙏”

“My child has been with BrainBuilder since Year 5 in-centre and followed by the online classes during the pandemic. Since attending BrainBuilder, his school has reflected his grades have improved significantly. BrainBuilder tailors to small group size at individual level , fees are reasonable and time is flexible. My son’s school approves he continues with BrainBuilder. Grateful to have found BrainBuilder after trying many others!”


A.A., parent of 6 year old,
“Within a year of starting with Singapore Math class our child improved considerably in her class performance. Not just that but she also enjoys the classes and particularly likes the teachers.”

USA – NY – SEP 2020

Parent of Veer, Grade 1:
“We decided to sign up our 1st grade son, Veer, for the BrainBuilder Online LIVE Zoom sessions to ensure that he stayed up to date on his Math skills in a fun environment that matched his school curriculum. Knowing that BrainBuilder Math uses a curriculum that has been adopted by his school district, and seeing the unique and varying ways in which they try to explain math topics to a 7 year old (visual, written, word problems, arithmetic, etc), has made me more confident in BrainBuilder Math as a nice supplemental learning option as we enter this time of online learning. BrainBuilder Math has also been wonderful in providing easy times, interactive classes, and patient teachers.”


Parent of Grade 4 student:
“Haydon loves BrainBuilder’s Singapore Math Enrichment class.  It is not easy to find both interesting and challenging English Math class in the market.”
“Haydon 超级喜欢BrainBuilder 的星加坡数学课。 很难得能在市场上找到又有趣又具有挑战的英语数学班!”


Parent of a 11 year old who is profoundly grateful for the LIVE ONLINE sessions to support their busy schedule and significantly improving the math skills of their child.:
“My son has been attending BrainBuilder on/off the last three years not very consistently due to our busy schedule.
Due to COVID this year, he has been attending the online LIVE sessions weekly classes as it is more convenient for our lifestyle.
The last 3 years he has been picking up new topics and content growing his math skills, beyond school work which worked ok for us and kept above his school average.
But WOW! This year’s consistency of weekly classes and attending the enrichment program that targets competition maths strategies and exposure to the multi-step application of concepts, it had completely TRANSFORMED his ICAS & AMC math results from Participation in the last few years in a row to this year’s Distinction & Credit.
I can see why when the teachers at BrainBuilder continuously suggest that we keep going and not drop a term is to ensure the maths skills learned is maintained and keep layering on building math skills.
I see now consistency, persistence and targeted classes have been key to significant improvement in math competition results.
I personally would say, with the online LIVE sessions, they only have the best teachers sharing their knowledge and your child will be looked after.”


ET, Parent of 8 year old, Student having attended for 2 years, initially in centre , now online for 6 months:
“Model drawing program is aimed at equipping and inspiring young children with the skills they need to understand and visualise word problems and to develop their problem solving. Children are not limited to their chronological age, they are allowed to learn at their own pace. My daughter Abbie 8 y.o. is loving the model drawing classes. As a visual learner, model drawing technique helps her to process information in problems and therefore solve complex word problems. Model drawing program is having a tremendous positive impact on her.”


May, mum of 7 year old:
“Our family has been a part of BrainBuilder for many years and our sons who have enjoyed Maths since Primary years have benefited greatly. However, our daughter’s path was slightly different. The concepts are not as easy for her and we realised that teaching her at home was causing tension. We are grateful for the BrainBuilder team who has tirelessly found ways to engage her and provide consistent guidance and techniques to build on. She now does not shy away from a math challenge and we look forward to more improvements in the future. Thank you to all teachers.”


Parent of Kindergarten student:
“BrainBuilder Kindy Maths has been helpful for my kindergarten daughter.
With the assistance of online learning in the last two terms, my daughter was able to gain confidence, she was able to improve her understanding in numbers and vocabularies as well as developing her logical thinking. She was able to focus on her works and had great interactions in each lesson with a small group of same grade children during the classes.

We appreciate the way the lessons are structured and explained by the teacher.

The Kindy Maths has been wonderful for my daughter and it helps to boost confidence and to create an interest of Maths.

Thank you teachers.”


Parent of Year 4 Student:
“BrainBuilder has extended my son’s mathematical knowledge, giving him the skills and confidence to solve challenging problems. As we live in Central West, NSW, being able to access online lessons via Zoom has been very important. After my son’s lesson he can’t wait to tell us what he has learnt. Thank you, BrainBuilder!”


W.M., parent of Year 2 student:
“My daughter has been with BrainBuilder for over a year. She first started in classroom and has now transitioned to virtual classroom. I must say that the planning and implementation of the transition has been done very smoothly, online class size are kept small and plenty of opportunities for children to actively participate in discussions. The virtual setting is also added convenience to parents and a peace of mind. Thank you BrainBuilder.”

A. H., parent of Year 1 student:
“My daughter has been learning at the BrainBuilder since January 2020. She is enjoying math classes in Brain Builder. All teachers are very caring and enthusiastic to teach. The Brain Builder teaches an interesting concept which are not taught at the school. Now she loves math and says she likes to be a scientist in a future. I recommend the BrainBuilder.”


Carol, Sydney, Australia, mum of two attending BrainBuilder classes, previously face to face to online classes:
“There are so many online education out there but BrainBuilder is certainly a guaranteed choice. BrainBuilder provides an online learning that is interactive and makes maths learning so much fun. The tutor is always attentive and instant feedback is given to my child even it is in a group setting. The quality of the teaching team is just outstanding in engaging young children and keeping them mentally challenged. After coming to BrainBuilder Maths class, I have seen a surprising result of my child’s problem-solving ability at school as well as the growth of his passion in maths.”


“My 3rd grader has had a wonderful experience with the Singapore Math classes that we commenced this year. The curriculum was appropriately tailored to suit his level, while always providing challenging problems to promote growth. The classes are a great supplement to the traditional math work he receives in school, and provide an advantage that will surely benefit him in the future.”


A mother of two children attending more than 2 years:
“My daughter (Year 5) has been practicing her multiplication table with the help of BB100 (online homework/practice introduced by BrainBuilder). She told me that her classmates are still struggling with multiplication table in school while she is able to do it instantaneously.

My kids benefited greatly with the online teaching as the teacher is able to check on their understanding of topic through private chat without interrupting the class. This is harder to achieve when all kids are in a classroom face to face setting.”


“We enrolled our 6 year old in Brain Builder Math after our friend recommended it. We wanted to supplement his math skills during summer vacation as well as during distance learning at his school. The online format makes it easy to schedule and also convenient to do at home. Our son has enjoyed the program and his math skill and confidence have improved significantly. He genuinely enjoys math and the program has allowed him to continue to excel in the subject. The teachers are able to be effective with online teaching and the small groups are also a benefit. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to build a strong math foundation for their kids. ”


Jennifer T.:
“Both of my sons ( age 10 and age 8) having been taking Singapore math classes for the past 6 months. The kids find the classes to be fun, engaging and a great interactive learning opportunity! Their teachers (Ms. Julie and Ms. Lisa) are very personable and likeable – I don’t have to coerce them to attend class which shows me that they are enjoying themselves along with learning new things. I greatly enjoy the fact that 1x a week they have the opportunity to learn the world standard way vs school which is common core. The great thing about math is that there are multiple ways to get the right answer (2+2 = 4, 3+1 = 4, etc.) so Singapore math allows the kids to use a different mindset and foster critical thinking skills. We are very happy and I am confident your child will enjoy it too!”


Nolly, Parent of a 5th Grade student:
“Ever since school started online, I have been worrying about Math, because they don’t really know how to teach it online, so they have provided
only easy Math calculations for 5th graders. Then, one of my husband’s friends introduced us to BrainBuilder math.
(coincidentally my son’s school uses Singapore math by Math in Focus for textbook)
Not only my son but also I am learning what Singapore math is, how to apply bar models.
For my son, it is still difficult to figure out how to apply a bar model for the question by himself but in the class, similar questions are repeated so they get to learn how to solve it by using a bar model, which I really like about this class. It feels like my son is really learning bar models for the first time.
My son has been enjoying studying with Mrs. Julia very much.
Thanks to her, he has got to like Math very much.”


Helen W.:
“Starting Singapore math with Dr. Fong during Covid-19 has been a great extra curriculum for my son. Although he does really well in school math, I realized there are many basic math skills that he is still learning through Dr. Fong’s class. It’s a perfect small class size where the kids can interact with one another, learn and have fun at the same time. My son is really enjoying the class!”


J.I., Parent of a 7 year old, started with us 2 months in the physical centre, and continued to progress with us for the next half year online:

“One evening whilst settling down for sleep our child was noticeable distressed and we asked what was wrong. In tears our child mentioned they felt that they were the worst at maths in their class, and, they “just don’t get it… it’s so hard”. We were heart broken that it got to this stage before we realised that help was required.
We enrolled our child into BrainBuilder for once a week. By the end of a couple of weeks our child had picked up the essential skills that appeared to have been missed at school and they were much more comfortable.

6 months later and our child is now averaging 85-100% in school class tests and is proud to report that they are one of the fastest, if not the fastest, in class.
It goes to show that regular practise and the right help can turn things around.
Thanks for your help BrainBuilder team.”

USA – CALIFORNIA – July 2020

Parent of 9 and 11 year olds:

“The BrainBuilder team has been amazing with helping our two sons (ages 9 & 11) learn and grow new math skills, and we’re delighted to recommend BrainBuilder to other families. We’ve found that BrainBuilder’s curriculum is a compliment to the math taught in our children’s school, and provides a new way of thinking about problems in a fun way, working in small groups with other kids from other parts of the U.S. and world. For our sons the experience has been exciting and super informative, and they look forward to each of their sessions during the week. ”


P Sebastian:
“BrainBuilder is a very flexible centre providing the best Singapore teaching methods that cater for both face to face and online sessions. My son attends Year 2 and has started showing progress in both Maths and English ever since we commenced with this centre. I am very grateful to Shirlyn, Julia and all other tutors that have been very patient and supportive in guiding my son to understand the basic concepts and the different strategies to help build confidence with problem solving skills. I highly recommend this centre to anyone who would like to see their children excel and grow. Thank you very much 😊”


“We are extremely grateful to the team at Brain Builder who have tirelessly worked and supported our son over the last few years with maths. Without the patience and dedication of the teacher, our son would not be where he is today with his understanding of maths. He has learned that sometimes concepts come quickly but sometimes you need to work a little more for it to be understood. His confidence has improved expediently. He’s gone from the lowest maths class at school to the highest this year. This wouldn’t have happened without the expertise and support from BrainBuilder. The constant feedback I receive after each lessons ensures I am aware of what’s happening. My son’s teacher love teaching maths and goes beyond what her job is to help my son, we could not be more grateful for her guidance in our learning journey. Thank you!”


“We have had our year 7 and 8 children working with BrainBuilder for the last two years. In this time we have seen significant improvement in their marks for mathematics and more importantly their confidence in attacking complex questions has increased dramatically. We are very happy with the staff at BrainBuilder and the outcomes they have achieved for our kids.”


Parent of Year 5 student, Sydney, Australia:
“We are very happy with the service provided by BrainBuilder virtual classroom. Our child can learn better at home and we often cannot travel to the centre; the virtual classroom learning has saved us much travel time, and offers us a good alternative. It is convenient and the quality of the teaching is very good. Our child’s teacher is an experienced and patient teacher who conducts each lesson at a good pace. We have seen a significant improvement in our child’s school results since we started joining the virtual classroom!”


Ann Lehmann-Kuit, parent of Year 4 student who had attended 1 year:
“Our nine year old daughter has been having online maths tutoring with BrainBuilder for a year. Our child’s teacher is wonderful with our daughter. She is kind, patient and consistent and we find the online platform really suits our families busy schedule. School teachers have reported that our daughter has gone from ‘struggling’ to being ‘a quiet achiever’. Thank you so much. I would highly recommend Brain Builder maths tutoring.”


“I am a Mother with two boys 6 and 7,5. Last July we moved from our country Greece to Singapore. Our kids are going to an international school but we wanted at least for the 1st year to help them in language, since English is not their native language, and maths. Many parents from the school recommended to us the BrainBuilder.
I decided to buy 10 sessions because I was little sceptical with the distance learning through the pc. Now after 20 sessions I am sure that I will continue BrainBuilder because the kids knowledge has improved a lot but also they enjoy the lesson and through it they love maths. For sure I will recommend BrainBuilder to other parents. ”


Valerie, parent of two children who had attended 1 year:
“We find the Virtual Classes work well for our children, they benefit from the 1 on 1 tuition and the virtual classroom gives us more flexibility.
The quality of tuition is very good and we find doing the Singapore maths syllabus along side the kids’ regular syllabus provides them with a different set of strategies for solving problems.”


“After been referred to BrainBuilder by my friends I was originally sceptical about doing classes online but decided to give it a try and have no regrets at all!
The convenience of doing our maths lesson at home is a pleasure and my kids seem to feel ‘important’ that they have a lesson to do on the computer. The teacher is great and that makes teaching through an online medium that much easier . She makes maths fun and exciting for both my daughters and it’s wonderful to see them smile while they are learning.”


Erika, parent of Year 6 student who had attended 2 years:
“The online class for our daughter has been fantastic for learning as well as time saving. Using instant screen sharing online means both teacher and student can easily understand each other and learning is just like being in a classroom. The detailed progress report from the teacher after each class has been very helpful and can easily track our daughter’s progress. The learning program and experience has helped our child to embrace maths challenges. Well done and thank you Brain Builder Academy!”


““I like how Julia taught me how to solve hard questions with simple method, which I could understand easily. Now I am not so scared of those questions like I was before.”
She showed me how to do subtraction across zero on the whiteboard after your lesson last week. I was amazed at how confident and fast she could do it (compared to my conventional method 😅). Thank you for giving her more confidence in Maths and most importantly, she is finally showing interests in Maths. Appreciate all your efforts and time.”

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