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Choosing the right program for your child is not always easy. That’s why we are here to help …

BrainBuilder ProgramTypically, our Power Maths program is the best foundation program for all students, however, depending on your child’s level and needs, there may be a better option.

As part of enrolment …

All potential BrainBuilder™ students undertake an assessment with one of our qualified teachers and the right program will be tailored based on their individual needs.


Typical pathway

BrainBuilder Program

My child …

Needs a little extra help to get started or to fill knowledge gaps ⇒

Wants to build a solid maths foundation ⇒

Wants to take their skills to the next level to take on more challenging problems ⇒

Has a specific test or competition that they need to prepare for ⇒

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Visit the Programs page or contact your nearest learning centre to speak with our centre manager to help you.


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