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How to Double Your Child’s Rate of Learning

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At BrainBuilder, we recognise the importance of feedback and smaller class sizes in maximizing our student’s learning potential.

Positive feedback plays an extremely influential role in the development of a student’s learning and development. It can be crucial in maintaining the typical learning progression of students over time

Academic Professor John Hattie states that the correct feedback can effectively double the rate of learning in children. Matt Deeble (Director of Evidence for Learning) states that it is a “low-cost, high-impact teaching approach” that increases learning progression by up to 8 months.

Compelling feedback is more than just simple word of encouragement like “good work”. It involves teachers identifying what the students has done well and providing direction on what the next steps are.

Great teachers recognise that feedback should be given immediately to have its full effect. Research shows that providing it immediately will significantly increases performance and comprehension more than when it is given later.

Reducing a class size is one way teachers can have better opportunities to provide high quality feedback for students. As a result of a personalized focus in their teaching approach, there is evidence for higher levels of achievement for students in smaller classes.

With class sizes with 20 or more students, the beneficial effects of feedback and tailored learning may be lost on students in a school environment.

BrainBuilder holds classes with low teacher to student ratios, guaranteeing our focus on each of our students.

Every child’s progression is closely monitored and direction is able to be given shortly after performance to maximise their learning. In this way, our teachers carefully guide development in an accelerated fashion with their skills and experience.

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