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Maltese school to adopt the Singapore Maths approach

| Global News, Maths

Singapore Maths, based on the successful textbooks written by Dr Fong, has extended it’s global reach, with a leading Maltese school now adopting the approach. According to the Times of Malta, “the independent Chiswick House School will be switching to

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BrainBuilder™ students outperform in AMC test

| Brainbuilder™, Local News Australia, Test

About AMC The  Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) is one of the world’s largest school-based mathematics competitions with more than 14 million entries since 1978. This test highlights the importance of mathematics as a curriculum subject and gives students an opportunity to

Singapore Maths curriculum a global success

| Brainbuilder™, Global News, Maths

Dr Fong , founder of BrainBuilder™ , has built programs based on the Singapore Maths curriculum;  the author of school maths books used in Singapore, the US and the UK. Going Global Research has showed the in-depth Singapore Maths curriculum

Congratuations to Ian Cheah from BrainBuilder™ Sri Hartamas!

| Brainbuilder™, Local News Malaysia

Singapore International Math Olympiad Challenge 2016 (SIMOC) Math Gold Award winner! Ian has been at our Sri Hartmas centre for over 2 years with the strong foundation Power Maths Program since 2014. Our programs at Sri Hartamas has successfully helped

Why are Singapore’s kids so good at maths?

| Global News, Maths

A recent article in the Financial Times ‘Why Singapore’s kids are so good at maths’ examines why this relatively small country consistently ranks near or at the top of the global maths comparisons. Andreas Schleicher, Head of the OECD’s education assessment program

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