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Holiday Program Review

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  The April Holiday Program has come to a successful end! Based on our feedback, it’s safe to say our students had tremendous fun throughout the April Holiday Program through our Maths and Science curriculum. Aside from their obvious enjoyment,

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Holiday Maths Olympiad Training

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What is the Maths Olympiad? APSMO hosts the Maths Olympiad, a competition designed as an introduction for both primary and high school students to math concepts that are important in the futures. BrainBuild’s Holiday math programs cover topics presented in

AMC Training Program

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What is AMC? The Australian Mathematics Competition is one of the largest school-based mathematics competition involving around 700,000 participants yearly in over 30 different countries. The competition, held on Thursday 27th July 2017 this year, aims to test students’ mathematical

Malaysia ranks 18th place in Maths at global achievements test (TIMSS) while Singapore ranks number 1 among 39 countries.

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Malaysian students’ performance in Mathematics has significantly improved since Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) test in 2011, scoring 25 points higher from 440 to 465 in 2015. The TIMSS is a large-scale international test that evaluates students’

BrainBuilder™ students outperform in AMC test

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About AMC The  Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) is one of the world’s largest school-based mathematics competitions with more than 14 million entries since 1978. This test highlights the importance of mathematics as a curriculum subject and gives students an opportunity to

New minimum numeracy, literacy standards for NSW HSC students

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The NSW government yesterday unveiled new minimum standards for numeracy and literacy which will come into affect from 2020. This is seen as another step towards arresting the decline in standards for maths in Australia and to prepare students to

Competition dates

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  AMC Competition is held at our centre – Thursday 28th July 2016 – Eastwood   BrainBuilder™ is a registered school with the Australian Maths Trust to run the Australian Maths Competition   Any student who is not participating in their school

BrainBuilder™ now AMT Testing Centre

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We are proud to announce that BrainBuilder™ is now an authorised testing centre for the Australian Mathematics Trust (AMT) and will be hosting a series of competitions for students. This is a great opportunity for students who have not had

Inaugural BrainBuilder™ Awards recognise top students

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The Inaugural BrainBuilder™ Awards were held on Sunday 6 December at the Epping Club in Sydney. The awards recognised 2015 graduates, high achievers and students who have best demonstrated the key BrainBuilder™ values at the Eastwood, Sydney Learning Centre. Overall,

BrainBuilder students excel in 2015 ICAS Exams

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Congratulations to all of our higher achievers who sat the 2015 International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) Exam in Sydney. Over 90% students who went through our intensive training program achieved a credit or higher, with 50% scoring either a Distinction (top 10%)

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