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Funda Maths

Funda Maths is a preparatory program for students who wish to enrol into Power Maths but need a little math help or need to fill a knowledge gap.

Who Should Enrol?

Our qualified BrainBuilder™ teachers will discuss whether or not your child is eligible to enter Funda Maths after their initial assessment. Students may also attend Funda Maths classes if they have any learning gaps identified in class.

There may be occasions where we recommend students attend class twice a week if they require additional support.

All students learn at different paces, therefore our qualified teachers will assist in identifying any gaps and provide you with further recommendations for study.

Funda Maths

Learning Outcomes of Funda Maths

Students will:

  • Learn how to effectively master the basic concepts and skills of school maths
  • Be equipped with a solid maths foundation by making learning maths fun through the use of engaging diagrammatic methods and other activities
  • Develop the basic skills required to enable them to tackle school examination problems
  • Learn the fundamental skills that will eventually allow them to enrol in the Power Maths program

Study Mode & Duration

Funda Maths classes will run once or twice weekly depending on the ability of the students.

Note: classes are run on demand only so please keep in contact to make sure your child does not miss out.


Students are assessed on an ongoing basis throughout the year to determine areas of further need.

What next?

Students may build into the Power Maths program.


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