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2017 April Holiday Program Review

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The April Holiday Program has come to a successful end!

Based on our feedback, it’s safe to say our students had tremendous fun throughout the April Holiday Program through our Maths and Science curriculum. Aside from their obvious enjoyment, students also agreed on the invaluable methods we provided.

Content taught in the Holiday Program emphasized strategies for school topics and boosting children’s confidence in their performance in tests such as the ICAS, NAPLAN and the Maths Olympiad. BrainBuilder stresses the importance of giving our students hands-on and meaningful ways of learning through the use of physical materials. In this way, learning comes about in a logical sense, creating the concrete foundations for each topic.

Compared to our Regular Class Program, with the full day there is more flexibility and depth in our content whereas the Term Programs follows a schedule that mirrors the typical schooling methods. Our Holiday Program has specific topics chosen that are challenging for children to complete a thorough understanding of these fundamental concepts.

Simple tactics were given to the kids to build on their foundation mathematical skills. Our new science initiative also introduced basic concepts to students, stretching their knowledge in real world applications. The science component acts as a practical application for the maths they learn, presented in an easy-to-understand manner. This is an early interaction and explanation on how the physical world works.

Brainbuilder intends to provide Holiday Programs every Term Break to give our students every opportunity to stay ahead, targeting Maths (& Science) ICAS outcomes.

With smaller class sizes, we are able to provide each child with the support they need. 
Keep a lookout for our next Holiday Program in July!

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