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About BrainBuilder™



Dr Fong’s BrainBuilder™ programs are built on the principles of Singapore Maths and taught in over 20 Learning Centres in Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.


A holistic approach

BrainBuilder™ offers a holistic approach to maths education (Year 1 to Year 10)  – from learning new concepts, to using the world-renowned Singapore Maths model-drawing techniques to solve word problems and teaching strategies to ensure students are competition ready.

BrainBuilder venn diagram and description

This approach ensures that all of our student’s learning needs are met and that they gain the skills and confidence they need to master maths and achieve their goals.

Why BrainBuilder™?

We partner in your child’s maths journey by:

  • ENCOURAGING them to think critically and creatively
  • EQUIPPING them with higher order thinking skills
  • EMPOWERING them with the confidence to master maths

Give your child a competitive advantage

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