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How You Interact With Your Child Can Affect Their Well-Being

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The nature of a parent-child relationship can have a large impact on the child’s success and independence in the future. Research from the University of Edinburgh has differentiated between two types of parental control: Psychological and Behavioural Control (Read full

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How to pack a holiday with enrichment learning and fun for your child?

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With consistent great responses from students and parents at all our previous school holiday programs, we have something new instore again this school holidays! School holidays is the perfect time for students to enjoy learning new concepts. Our BrainBuilder™ holiday

Prepare your children for their future at school and out in the workforce

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Prepare your child for the future as the Maths curriculum gets overhauled and the increasing demand in higher levels of maths in school and in demand by employers. With BrainBuilder, your child will have the opportunity to be prepared for

Study finds that even the smartest kids need teaching support

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The Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth (SMPY) followed 5,000 top performing students in America for four and a half decades, only to conclude that even the brightest students need teachers to support them and continuously challenge them so they are often intellectually

Study supports back-to-basics approach:

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At BrainBuilder™, our programs are designed by Dr Fong who has had the experience and research knowledge of the optimal learning environment for students to perform at their best. Students perform best when introduced to questions scaffolding from Easy-to-Hard A

Top 20 in 2020: The future of jobs

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A recent Australia report conducted by the CSIRO on megatrends in the workplace over the next 20 years has highlighted the importance for “education systems to adapt and change to equip workers of the future with the skills they need”. The

Parents World Singapore Accolades

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In the Parents World magazine 2015/2016 survey, BrainBuilder™ was not only voted the “Best Mind Development Programme” in Singapore but was also named on the Best Enrichment & Learning Schools List for 2015. Parents World magazine is Singapore’s No.1 Parenting

BrainBuilder™ eNews Edition 1

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BrainBuilder News

Edition 1 of BrainBuilder™ News was launched this term. This quarterly newsletter is designed to keep you informed about everything that is going on in the BrainBuilder™ world. This newsletter will be distributed once a term and will include latest news, training

Why Brainbuilder?

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Out with the old, in with the new For many children, Mathematics isn’t the easiest of subjects to grasp let alone master. It doesn’t help either when conventional methods merely dole out the “rote learning and regurgitation” solution, which won’t

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