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Inaugural BrainBuilder™ Awards recognise top students

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The Inaugural BrainBuilder™ Awards were held on Sunday 6 December at the Epping Club in Sydney. The awards recognised 2015 graduates, high achievers and students who have best demonstrated the key BrainBuilder™ values at the Eastwood, Sydney Learning Centre.

Overall, the school has achieved great results in 2015, with over 90% of participants receiving a credit or higher in the International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS), Maths Olympiad success and many students gaining Selective School Entry. In addition to this, most students are working well above their school grade level and achieving their individual maths goals.

Living the BrainBuilder™ values

The awards also recognised those students who demonstrated the key BrainBuilder™ values of perseverance, consistent diligence and significant improvement throughout their studies in 2015. Four students were awarded the highly sought after ‘Gold’ award for outstanding efforts and diligence.

Congratulations Tyson Lieu, Shannon Tong, Tony Chang and Thomas Vernier for their outstanding work in 2015.

View the complete list of winners here 2015 BrainBuilder End of Year Awards presentation.  

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