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BrainBuilder testimonials
“It’s different to school; the teachers focus more on me and give me the motivation and skills I need to extend myself. BrainBuilder™ has helped me to fulfil my potential and enjoy maths.”  Dylan, Age 11


“I’m from Singapore, I want my daughters to be able to learn maths the way I did. It is not just doing the numbers and arithmetic, but also problem solving and critical thinking. My daughters got their grades up within a fairly short span of time; they teach kids to solve problems in a very simple way, they push them to a higher level and challenge them and that’s how they build their confidence to solve even harder problems.” KingJoo, mum to Amber and Lauren.


“Before coming to BrainBuilder, I wasn’t as confident as I am now. I have improved a lot and can see the difference from when I started high school to where I am now. Now maths is my favourite subject and I’m always ahead of my class. I happily put my hand up. I know I have learned here how to do everything in maths.” Safah, Age 14


“I like coming to BrainBuilder™ because the questions are fun and hard. I get to work on maths, Maths Olympiad, model drawing and problem solving. When I get it wrong the teachers explain it to me really well.” Jason, Age 11, BrainBuilder™ student for more than two years .


“I used to be in the worst maths class, after coming to BrainBuilder™, I’m now in the best maths class. I definitely recommend BrainBuilder™ , it improved my attitude towards maths. If any student didn’t like maths in the beginning, I’m pretty sure this will change after attending here.” Nitish, Age 12


BrainBuilder testimonials
“At BrainBuilder™, they breakdown complicated concepts like algebra to students at a younger age through model drawing. This method helps children to understand concepts better and they can then apply this concept to word problems where most children struggle.” Shirlyn, mother of two  boys in primary school


BrainBuilder testimonials
“I’m aware Singapore maths is one of the best education a child can receive. It builds confidence and foundation of mathematics. I want my kids to have a very strong understanding of maths and feel happy with who they are working with. At BrainBuilder, they have the proper ratio of teachers to students, plus teachers have a very strong passion in what they teach.” Nadine, mother of three.


BrainBuilder testimonials
“My maths grades have improved since coming here and I’m now in a higher maths class and getting better grades. At BrainBuilder™  they look at your strengths and weaknesses to help you learn better plus they teach you in different ways. You can ask them (teachers) anything and they will answer because they have such an extensive knowledge on the subject and I think it’s amazing.” Shannon, Age 14


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