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Sharon and Shannon’s Testimonials

Sharon- Shannon’s mum, has found the targeted, personal approach at BrainBuilder™ had a significant improvement in Shanon’s grades, from below average to now scoring in the 80s.

Sharon shared how BrainBuilder™ has supported Shannon with her school work, providing guidance – to the point where Shannon views the instructors as mentors.

Sharon sees Shannon’s  confidence level improving in working through maths problems, and advocates the BrainBuilder™ methods as it has  been the key to unlocking Shannon’s potential.


Shannon has been at BrainBuilder™ for more than 2 years now, her patience and growth and her wanting to improve sees her diligence paying off, having been promoted to a higher maths class.

Attending class twice a week, Shannon builds a strong foundation in maths, where her school teachers commend her time rate to answer questions.

Shannon shared in her experience, having been taught by all the BrainBuilder™ instructors – “they identify each students’ strengths and weaknesses and tailor the explanation to the individual.” Shannon values the depth of the instructors’ knowledge in maths, “you can ask them anything, and they will be able to answer it”.

Shannon and Sharon entrusted us at BrainBuilder™ to work with her to improve Shannon’s results. All our programs, while following the BrainBuilder™ Singapore Maths’ Power Maths program, is individually planned to every child’s individual learning journey, to optimise their potential.

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