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Safah’s Testimonial

Safah has been our BrainBuilder™ centre for over two years since from Year 7.

Safah has seen herself improve – both her attitude towards maths, and her ability to answer maths questions. Safah used to struggle in maths, but now is ahead of her class and promoted to the top maths class.

With the help of the BrainBuilder™ instructors who explain mathematical concepts in depth with Safah, her knowledge of maths has increased, and Safah now has the confidence to answer questions in class.


Maria, Safah’s mum, has seen improvement in her children’s attitude to maths in less than 6 months. Both her children attend BrainBuilder™, and she noticed they would do their maths work independently now.

Maria has received good feedback about her children’s progress and approach to maths by their class teachers. She recommends BrainBuilder™ to parents who need the support to guide their children in studying maths.

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