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Dylan and Raymond and Lindy’s testimonials

At BrainBuilder™, we ensure that all of our students get the personalised attention they need to improve their maths skills. Brothers, Dylan and Raymond, have both benefited from this approach.

raymondRaymond and Dylan have been attending BrainBuilder™ for over two years now, and achieved much maths successes at school with the help of BrainBuilder™. Raymond explains he has the personalised attention in BrainBuilder™ class to learn new skills without being distracted by other students. He is a visual learner and uses the model drawing technique to solve problems easily. He is now more confident in class and as a result, has graduated to the advanced class at school.

DylanDylan has always liked maths, but at BrainBuilder™ our teachers identified his strengths to continuously challenge and extend him. He is now fulfilling his potential and recently achieved a perfect score in a maths test at school. Even his teachers had never come across this. Both Raymond and Dylan are the top of their maths classes, having achieved success in Maths class after joining BrainBuilder™, and continue with their maths journey at BrainBuilder™.

Hear from their mother, Lindy …

“My two boys really enjoy their time at BrainBuilderlindy_200™.  Their personalised approach has really helped them improve their skills and confidence as well as their grades. I’ve tried other maths programs, but BrainBuilder™ really works for them.” Lindy has shared that when her boys attending class at our BrainBuilder™ centre,  they learn effectively; and able to apply to their knowledge to the classwork, appreciating the methods work well for her sons.



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