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Regardless of their level when they come to us, BrainBuilder™ students consistently achieve their goals and most importantly, learn how to succeed at maths for life. BrainBuilder Programs are comprehensive to support every child’s maths journey. Our programs are personalised, setting individual goals for each student and working closely with parents to achieve them every term. Hear from our parents and students how BrainBuilder has helped them in their maths journey giving them the confidence in maths.

BrainBuilder Testimonials
“They give you lots of different solutions and ways to solve problems. (The teachers have) such extensive knowledge of the subject”.
Shannon, Age 15
BrainBuilder™ student for 2½ years

BrainBuilder Testimonials
“I feel much more confident in class. I’ll happily put my hand up to answer any questions. Maths is now my favourite subject.”
Safah, Age 14
BrainBuilder™ student for 2½ years

And from some of our parents …

BrainBuilder Testimonials
BrainBuilder™ has been the key to unlocking Shannon’s potential. They identified her weaknesses and
gaps and came back with a targeted approach”.
Sharon, Shannon’s Mum

BrainBuilder Testimonials
“It’s taught in a systematic manner which allowed my daughter to easily apply the concepts she learnt to solve more challenging problems. Just come, you will not regret it!”.
King Joo, Amber & Lauren’s Mum


"We sincerely thank Dr Fong and all of the staff at BrainBuilder™ for your well-prepared lessons for Richard in the last year. In particular, your dedicated teaching and caring for his improvement in Maths. We are very pleased with his achievement in gaining entry into a selective school and improved results in ICAS. The awards you presented to him are truly an inspiration and encouragement for him to continue his learning in Maths.” Linda.
“Thank you for all your time and energy with Chiara. We are very grateful that she will be going to North Sydney Girls High (a selective school) next year. You really helped her with her maths.” Vanessa.
“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the great work that you have done providing Maths enrichment course for Cassandra. She has obtained Distinction in the recently ICAS competition. Great work team!” Sarah.

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