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Amber Lauren Kingjoo

Amber and Lauren have been at BrainBuilder for two years.

At BrainBuilder™, they learn Maths the Singapore Maths methods, concepts and strategies. They are challenged with questions and often applies the Singapore method of model drawing to help solve the problems. These high achieving sisters enjoy maths questions now they know how to solve them.

King Joo is mum to Amber and Lauren, having been educated in Singapore, which she sees is a systematic approach in teaching kids Maths, wants her daughters to experience learning maths the same way, and enrolled her daughters at BrainBuilder™.

King Joo further discusses BrainBuilder™ teaching the Singapore Maths method – teaching goes from simple to hard, which gives the child confidence to attempt the questions. She has been pleasantly surprised how quick her daughters have picked up the solving problem methods and enjoy maths challenges now.

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