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How to pack a holiday with enrichment learning and fun for your child?

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With consistent great responses from students and parents at all our previous school holiday programs, we have something new instore again this school holidays! School holidays is the perfect time for students to enjoy learning new concepts. Our BrainBuilder™ holiday

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Prepare your children for their future at school and out in the workforce

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Prepare your child for the future as the Maths curriculum gets overhauled and the increasing demand in higher levels of maths in school and in demand by employers. With BrainBuilder, your child will have the opportunity to be prepared for


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After a long holiday, it is almost time to go back to school. Every parent knows the struggles of their kids starting a new year of school and adjusting to new teachers, new classmates, and maybe, a new school. Regardless of

Second Annual Awards Ceremony 2016

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On Sunday 4th December, we had our Second Annual Awards Ceremony that had place at Ryde-Eastwood Leagues Club. This is an important event where we acknowledge the effort that all of our students at our Eastwood centre put throughout the

BrainBuilder™ students outperform in AMC test

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About AMC The  Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) is one of the world’s largest school-based mathematics competitions with more than 14 million entries since 1978. This test highlights the importance of mathematics as a curriculum subject and gives students an opportunity to

STEM subject focus: upskilling for the future to ride the technology wave

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According to a recent discussion paper released by StartupAUS, “up to 4.6 million jobs are at risk in the future if Australia does not ride the technology wave and get the skills to adapt to this change and prosper”.  StartupAUS

New minimum numeracy, literacy standards for NSW HSC students

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The NSW government yesterday unveiled new minimum standards for numeracy and literacy which will come into affect from 2020. This is seen as another step towards arresting the decline in standards for maths in Australia and to prepare students to

PM Turnbull calls for maths and science to be compulsory

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Source: smh.com.au Nic Walker

To arrest a steep decline in Australia’s standards in maths and science, PM Malcolm Turnbull yesterday called for these subjects to be compulsory for all students when finishing high school. This push is now a ‘priority’ for the government if

Melbourne Holiday Program June-July 2016!

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Don’t miss out this opportunity to equip your child with a bag full of strategies! Register your child here OR call us at  (04) 03948488

Top 20 in 2020: The future of jobs

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A recent Australia report conducted by the CSIRO on megatrends in the workplace over the next 20 years has highlighted the importance for “education systems to adapt and change to equip workers of the future with the skills they need”. The

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