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Study supports back-to-basics approach

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A recent study by Johns Hopkins University supports back-to-basics approach which is used at our BrainBuilder centres. This research found that there are two critical educational strategies that boost students’ performance:

  1. Students perform best when introduced to questions scaffolding from Easy-to-Hard.
  2. Students need constant feedback to increase motivation and boost performance.

At BrainBuilder™, our programs are designed and built using high-quality and well-researched learning methods.

For instance, our students are introduced to maths concepts using the ‘scaffolding’ approach which gradually increases the level from Easy-to-Hard to help build confidence and solve more challenging problems. Moreover, our well-trained teachers are constantly providing feedback to students within a nurturing classroom environment, with small student-to-teacher ratio to help motivate them to perform at their best.

>> Read the news article
>> Read the full journal article by Johns Hopkins researchers

Reference: Johns Hopkins University. (2016, June 15). Simple Numbers Game Appears to Improve Math Skills in Kids. NeuroscienceNews. http://neurosciencenews.com/math-learning-games-4486/


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