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Accelerating students


At BrainBuilder™ we recognise every child is an individual and have their own learning journey. With our structure and BrainBuilder™ system, our teachers are trained to recognise the ability and talent of each student to accelerate each student. We share some of the stories of our students whom the teachers are mentoring beyond their school maths, and guiding their students to optimise their maths talents and reach their potential.



Tyson has been one of students since kindergarten at our Eastwood Learning Centre. We recognised he had an exceptional ability to work on high level maths beyond his young age. We mentored his learning, and kept up his talent and skills to his ability. In 2016 he achieved a High Distinction in the Maths ICAS. He is a high achiever at our Eastwood Centre who has gained entry into the Ku-ring-gai Unit for Gifted and Talented Students at St Ives North Public School. At Year 3 in school he is now working with us well beyond primary school maths.

Nitish started with us as a student in Year 5 and we built a strong foundation filling his knowledge gaps. Workign closely and providing feedback to his family of his progress in foundation maths, and identified his ability and talent his maths skills. Over the years, we stretch and adapted his program to achieve his goals and match his potential. He is now in the top maths class in high school. At Year 8, he is working well beyond Year 8 work. In the latest Australian Mathematics Competition, a strong result of Distinction moving up band levels from Participation recognition previously


jason v2

Jason has been a student for a couple of years and his strength in Maths go from stength to strength, achieving High Distinctions in the Australian Mathematics Competition to be accepted into the top selective high school. He enjoys maths at BrainBuilder as we identify and stretch him to his maths abilities. Trained in recognising how to best optimise each student’s maths learning journey, our instructors have now advanced Jason to Singapore Curriculum High School maths, well above his school grade.


Lauren as student with us for over two years is now working on Singapore High School maths, while still in primary school. Mapping her abilities, our instructors have advanced her to achieve her potential. Lauren is another high achiever who has been accepted to the selective high school.



Brian has been identified as a student with exceptional strong maths ability who we mentored since Year 1. Attending our clasess, his maths level and exposure to the maths program individualised by the maths instructors has helped him achieve High Distinctions in ICAS and Distinctions in the Australian Mathematics Competition and achieving his goal of entering the selective school at Year 3. We are mentoring and guiding Brian beyond his school maths.



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