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State government eager on increasing spending on education

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The Sydney Morning Herald recently published an article for the effective use of technology and investment on more professional development for teachers to help them to efficiently manage the classroom behaviour. The report emphasises on having larger groups in classrooms since the number of students per class is already small. Reducing the class sizes will not improve the learning environment and in turn reduces the classroom participation of the students. It is also important to lay great emphasis on incorporating digital platform into the learning landscape through the use of iPad in classrooms which can enable them to make of these devices in way which can enhance student’s learning horizon.

The federal government is planning to increase the spending on education to $23.5 billion in an effort to improve classroom dynamics and elevate student learning. The concern was raised in a report that was published by David Gonski (an Australian public figure and businessman) in which he stated that Australian schools need teachers who are specialist in early literacy and numeracy intervention and are trained on effective classroom management. The emphasis was also on professional development outside of classroom in which they can prepare, review and refine lessons and collaborate more with other teachers.

Our focus at BrainBuilderTM has always been on developing strong curriculum with sound consistent messaging pedagogical approach for students which has been tested against the world’s highest standards in Maths such as TIMSS and PISA and is great for building strong foundation which is not only effective for acing maths through the years in school but also applying it to practical applications. We are also a proponent in bringing state-of-the-art learning methods to our classrooms and incorporate blended learning methodologies to our teaching to enable our students for the future ahead of us.

Our specially trained teachers by the founder of BrainBuilderTM, Dr Fong, who is a specialist in the field of Maths and has more than 100 journals articles under his name. Each teacher has been trained personally by Dr Fong to ensure that they are proficient with Singapore Maths Curriculum. The rigorous training enables our teachers to build the skills of critical and creative thinking to problem solving in our students in a clear and concise way and can efficiently manage larger student groups in our classrooms. Student’s love our teaching style and enjoy the classroom dynamics. They come to us each term to get better at Maths and master the skills of tackling challenging Maths concepts and problems.

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