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Study shows brain networks play a key role in cognitive thinking ability

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To most, maths might be one of the hardest subject to master. How do some people finds it rather easy when it comes to solving challenging maths problem?

The neuroscience research group from Stanford University have followed 43 kids from age 8 to age 14. During the study period,  they regularly take brain scans of the children and also stimulate them with numerous cognitive test that includes IQ, memory, numeracy and reading. By looking at the brain scans, they discovered that our ability in cognitive thinking are strongly linked to some parts of the brain. Furthermore, these three main regions need to work together to create a link; the stronger the link, the more successful you will be in learning maths.

This breakthrough raises diverse opinion regarding how your brain can determine a child’s maths future. However, Evans supports his finding, “There’s a remarkable amount of heterogeneity in how each kid can end up.” Therefore, if your kid is not performing well now, it is not necessary that they will do poorly in the future. Through the right guidance, some activities are also proven to help reshape their brains that would make learning easier. (See full article here)

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