Maths Advanced Geometry

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This maths advanced geometry class involves learning the properties of geometry and applying to find the missing angles. Our experienced teachers will teach your child in a small group class, to attain the skills and steps to solve challenging geometry problems

This 50 minute class work improving one’s skills to solve challenging geometry problems with more confidence.

Suitable for 10-13 year olds, Year 6, 7  and 8 students in 2021.

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  1. Add class session to the cart.
  2. Select multiple quantities if you wish to enrol to more than one class session.
  3. Kindly complete the enrolment details HERE to select the days of your child’s attendance.
  4. A follow up email and calendar entry with session details will follow through.
  5. Both purchase of session and enrolment details are required to finalize the class enrolment.


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