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Math Graduates in High Paying Roles

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According to The Economist, the demand for mathematical skills in the workforce are on the rise. The starting salary of graduates of the best programs from the University of California, Berekely, can average $150,000 USD. Since mathematical concepts and models lay the foundation for the banking and finance industry, this increases the prospect of landing yourself a demanding and high-paying job as a science or math graduate. One of these roles is the quantitative analyst or “quant”, who specializes in implementing mathematical applications to financial management problems.

Employers are always looking to hire graduates who can design strategy and  make quick decisions in return for six figure salaries. These science and mathematics graduates are also potentially being favoured over standard bankers because of their greater ability to problem solve and remain adaptable. Hiring managers at large investment banks have recognized that they are also extremely capable of understanding concepts that are transferable to making predictions on the performance of companies and complex financial products.

So it seems that many university graduates with mathematics degrees are definitely advantaged in procuring high paying roles at prestigious companies.

The obvious demand for mathematics in the workforce is a testament to the valuable skills and attributes acquired from mathematics. Of course, this all must start somewhere and can only be acquired through proper education across time.

Early efforts in mathematics foundations could be the key in starting one’s career path as a math whiz and setting up one’s financial future!

On the other hand, starting late could be detrimental to their potential.

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