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How to Optimise Learning with Left and Right Brain Training?

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Our left and right brains carry out different functions and help us to perform at our best.

It is also a common myth that a person can use one side more dominantly. However, we use both sides of our brain equally for all of our everyday activities. Without either hemisphere, we would not be able to function!

Our right brain holds our creative soul and is responsible for visualization, intuition, emotion, creativity and artistic expression.Improvements to the right brain have been linked with exercise, meditation and the expression of art.

On the other hand, the left brain is analytical and is used in calculations, reading, writing, problem-solving and reasoning. Practice makes perfect, where utilizing puzzles and problem-solving situations has been shown to improve performance with the left brain.

It is important to recognise that a balance between both hemispheres of the brain maximizes efficiency. By allowing both halves of the brain to become specialized, there is a greater capacity for processing power and harmony.

Although performing mathematics mainly engages our left brain, the right side can be involved in rough estimations and visual learning. Therefore, by encouraging stimulation of both sides of the brain, we can optimize learning for all students.

At BrainBuilder, our unique teaching styles are presented both analytically and creatively.
Class content is presented in a logical manner in combination with visual representations of concepts.
We use problem solving scenarios to foster not only critical, but creative thinking for students.
Creativing training of the brain is part of our BrainBuilder program, including the creative writing tasks involving maths problems.
BrainBuilder aims to develop each child through adaptive teaching suited for left and right brain processes to maximise efficiency.

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