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How You Interact With Your Child Can Affect Their Well-Being

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The nature of a parent-child relationship can have a large impact on the child’s success and independence in the future. Research from the University of Edinburgh has differentiated between two types of parental control: Psychological and Behavioural Control (Read full article here).

Behavioural control is described as setting limits or rules regarding children’s behaviour.

For example; setting curfews, household chores and homework standards. Behavioural control has been shown to be beneficial for children to learn socially acceptable norms by creating a structured and predictable environment.

On the other hand, psychological control implies restricting thoughts and feelings rather than just behaviours, such as restricting Independence, invading privacy and taking away responsibilities.

At inappropriate levels of psychological control children tend to remain dependent for longer and may be unable to regulate their behaviour in a correct manner.

In contrast, adequate levels of psychological contact will promote a range of positive benefits. Children need to first create secure emotional attachments with their parents to reproduce these healthy bonds with other children and adults as they grow older. Our parents also act as stable starting points from which we reach out and explore the world.

The study goes on to say that less control and more responsibility for their own decisions allows kids to learn how to deal with the consequences of their actions and become independent. Additionally, setting behavioural expectations may be fitting but never attempt to restrict their opinions and emotions.

When we allow our kids to talk and listen to them, it’s a great way to show that we care by respecting their opinions and thoughts, ultimately leading to individual autonomy and self-perceived happiness.

At BrainBuilderTM, our teachers and programs are designed to foster your child’s independence and learning to become successful and happy adults.

Our classes are structured in a way where after initial expectations are set, independence in learning is advocated. Each student is catered to, not based on their age or grade, but by their individual skill level. Our teachers are trained to set up our students with the fundamentals and enable them to challenge themselves at their own pace.

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Small class sizes at BrainBuilder also allow our instructors to facilitate a richer and more supportive relationship for the students to reach their potential.

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